Diploma in Community and Health Ministries

The Diploma in Community and Health Ministries was developed to enhance rather than replace the basic Parish Nursing training curriculum used by the Inter-Church Health Ministries. It is designed for persons committed to health care ministries and provides them the opportunity to study the history, teachings, beliefs and practices of Christian theology in relation to issues of human health and health care. The Diploma is a total of 10 courses consisting of six required Emmanuel College core courses and four specialized electives. The diploma may be completed purely on a part-time basis and up to eight years are allowed for completion.
What would I study? Quick Glance

Required Courses: Contextual Education, Old Testament I or New Testament I, History of Christianity I, Context and Ministry, Theology.

Specialized Electives: Elective (Pastoral care), Elective (Feminist, Liberation or Multicultural Theology or Ethics), Elective (Life-Stage Ministry – e.g., Gerontology, Youth or Spirituality), Elective (Theology or Ethics and Community).

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