Admissions and Applications

Emmanuel College welcomes students from all denominational and faith backgorunds and cultivates an ecumenical and inclusive academic and community enviroment. See the links below for the relevent application requirements and procedures for the area of study you are interested in.

Degree-Study Application Requirements and Procedures

Master of Divinity

Master of Pastoral Studies: Muslim Studies

Master of Pastoral Studies

Master of Theological Studies

Master of Sacred Music


Advanced Degrees 


Non-Degree Study Application Requirements and Procedures 

Special Status Student (non-degree study)  


Non-Credit Study Application Requirements and Procedures

Lay Certificate in Theology  

Auditing Courses at Emmanuel College  

Admittands to the United Church of Canada

Please note that federal regulations may require the University of Toronto to provide attendance information and/or proof of advancement for all international students to the Government of Canada.

Prospective Students