Special Status and Diploma Students Application Information and Procedures

NOTE: Applications for Fall 2015 are now closed.  

Regulations for Special Status and Diploma Students:

  1. must have a university degree of its equivalent, with at least a "B" or 70% average;
  2. are subject to the same course and administrative procedures, deadlines and regulations as degree students;
  3. may normally take only basic degree courses (1000-3999); TST course prerequisites must be observed;
  4. if information on this application is false or misleadingly incomplete, registration may be revoked retroactively and academic penalties assigned;
  5. are welcome to participate in college worship and also enjoy certain privileges extended by the Emmanuel College Student Society;
  6. will be credited with courses satisfactorily completed, should they decide to enroll in a degree program, provided the course is not stale-dated (taken more than eight (8) years) prior to applying to the degree program.
  7. can transfer up to a maximum of 10 courses into a degree program.  

Special Status and Diploma Students Application Procedures
  1. Complete the Online Application for Special Status and Diploma Students. Applications for Fall 2015 are now closed.
  2. A non-refundable application fee of $50.00 CAD. You may pay online here OR choose to send a cheque payable to  should be mailed to the Admissions Office at the address below.An application cannot be processed until the application fee has been received.
  3. Provide a personal statement indicating why you are applying as a Special Status or Diploma student. The statement should be no more than one page (double-spaced). Be certain to put your name at the top of your statement.
  4. Arrange for official transcripts from ALL postsecondary institutions attended to be forwarded to the Admissions Office at Emmanuel College. To be official, these transcripts must be sent directly to the College by the institution concerned. Transcripts issued to the student will not be accepted.
  5. Arrange for an academic reference  to be sent to the Office of Admissions at Emmanuel that comments on the following: (a) intellectual and academic strengths or weaknesses; (b) critical and analytical skills; (c) maturity; (d) written and oral communication abilities; (e) integrity; (f) motivation and initiative; and (g) personal judgment. Please use the Letter of Recommendation Cover Letter for Special Status and Diploma Students.

* Ideally the academic reference should be a university professor or instructor. If it has been some time since you attended university, provide a reference from someone who holds a university degree and who is capable of assessing you according to the guidelines for an academic reference listed below. The onus is on the applicant to identify appropriate alternative.

Office of Admissions, Emmanuel College

75 Queen's Park Crescent Toronto ON M5S 1K7

 emmanuel.admissions@utoronto.ca    tel. 416-585-4464    fax. 416-585-4516

We will confirm received documentation via email. Therefore if you do not hear from us, we advise you contact us.

Once an application is complete please allow 4-6 weeks to recieve written notification of the admissions decision. 


Have further questions? Contact the Admissions Counsellor here!

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