2017 Fall - 2018 Winter Registration Instructions - Non-Conjoint Graduate Students

Registration Instructions

  1. Refer to the Emmanuel College 2017 Fall and 2018 Winter timetables for course selection (only 5000-6000 level courses apply to basic degree students).
  2. Complete and submit the Add Drop Form, the Full-Time Declaration Form, the 2017-2018 College Consent Form and any other pertinent TST Extension Forms to the office by August 14, 2017.
  3. An invoice will be emailed to you.
    1. Refer to the Non-Conjoint Program Tuition Table and the University of Toronto Refund Schedule    
    2. College Fee - $40.27 per fall or winter session;
    3. TGSA Fee - $9.00 (FT) or $4.50 (PT) per fall or winter session.
    4. System Access Fee - $55 (one-time charge)
  4. Upon minimum payment, the student will need to come to the main office for the issuance of their student card.
  5. Library card:
    1. UofT library reader card: graduate students in years 1-8, Emmanuel College will cover the cost of your library card.
    2. Years 9+: you will be invoiced for UofT library access: fee of $196 for one session, or $310 for September through August, will be levied.
  6. Interested part-time students may self-enrol for the UTSU Health and Dental Plan. Please refer to the Emmanuel College Registrar's Office Portal announcements for further instructions.

Current Students