2019 Fall - 2020 Winter Registration Instructions - Lay Certificate

Please be advised that non-conjoint non-degree basic students are considered as students of Emmanuel College, and not of the University of Toronto. 

Registration Instructions

  1. Refer to the 2019 Fall and 2020 Winter Timetables for course selection (only 1000-3000 level courses apply to basic degree students). Course syllabi and details are available on the TST website.
  2. Complete and submit to the Emmanuel Office the Unit Group Registration Form and Course Audit Registration and Credit Certification Form by September 12, 2019.
  3. An invoice with a PayPal link (with a payment due date) will be emailed to you. Unit Cost is $700.00.
    1. Upon payment of fees, the office will notify the Emmanuel College library so that the student obtain a library card.
    2. A Guest UTORid will be emailed to the student for Quercus access.

    Current Students