ECSS Mission and Job Descriptions

The Mission of the ECSS
(From the Emmanuel College Student Society Constitution)

a) Act as the collective voice of the Emmanuel College’s basic degree students;
b) Initiate, sponsor, administer, and provide activities and services that promote the community and represent Emmanuel College community concerns;
c) Exercises responsible Christians stewardship in collecting and administering ECSS funds:
d) Provide a liaison, including a student advocacy role, between basic degree students and faculty, staff and administration of Emmanuel College, Victoria University, the Toronto School of Theology, the University of Toronto, other Toronto School of Theology schools, the United Church of Canada, the Advanced Degree Students Association (ADSA), and any other bodies;
e) Model and participate in the formation of students from ministry;
f) Pray for the church of Jesus Christ and the mission and Ministry of Emmanuel College and the ECSS.

Job Descriptions

The Chair
The Chair of the ECSS chairs any meeting of the executive
- Acts as a representative for the ECSS on all occasions or may appoint a representative
- Provides leadership and articulates a vision of work for the ECSS
- Keeps proper records that will be turned over to the incoming Chair

The Vice-Chair
- Is the primary alternate to the chair for all duties of the chair
- Provides support and encouragement to the ECSS members and committees
- Acts as a representative to the Board of Regents and is one of four representatives on the Victoria University Senate

The Secretary
- Records minutes of all executive and general meetings, posting them in the student lounge
- Conducts ECSS correspondence when requested
- Is a member of the Communications Committee to maintain communications between the ECSS and the student body

The Treasurer
- Is the ECSS financial officer
- Administers accounts, collects income, and disburses monies of the ECSS
- Reports the financial situation to the executive monthly
- Presents financial reports at the general meeting in the fall and spring

Communications Committee
-Publishes the ECSS Newsletter, in electronic and print format, with issues usually appearing once a month during the academic year
-Maintains ECSS notices, bulletin boards and creates or posts posters for ECSS events
- Publicizes ECSS events, services, decisions, and meetings and works in conjunction with the recruitment officer to help publicize events that incoming students may want to be made aware of

Community Life Committee
- Initiates and provides social events (e.g., Café Noel)
- Fosters an awareness of the needs of the greater community
- Plans and supports Wednesday community lunches

Worship Committee
- Supports the Worship Co-coordinators in preparing Wednesday afternoon worship services and mid-day prayer services
- Maintains Emmanuel’s worship supplies
- Plans and sponsors any worship-related activities (e.g., gown and vestment and/or resources fair)

Anti-Oppression Committee
- Acts in solidarity with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, trans-sexual, queer persons (LGBTQ) and their allies as well as supporting other minorities
-Uphold inclusivity as a core value at Emmanuel College
-Plans and sponsors Affirming-related activities

Emmanuel Annual Committee
-Plans the Emmanuel Annual Dinner and Dance to be held in early March

Current Students