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2018 FALL Course Timetable (Final)

2019 Winter Course Timetable (revised December 11 2018)

2018 Summer Course Timetable (revised March 3)

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EMB1003H        Old Testament I

EMB1501H        New Testament I

EMB1506H        New Testament II

EMB1511H        New Testament Greek I

EMB1512H        New Testament Greek II

EMB2004H        Old Testament II

EMB2005H        Old Testament III: Prophecy

EMB2013H        Biblical Hebrew I

EMB2014H        Biblical Hebrew II

EMB2204H        Bible Study (Learning to Read the Christian Bible)

EMB2301H        The Foreigner in Biblical Law 

EMB2801H         New Testament Responses to Violence

EMB2951H        Jesus and the Games We Play

EMB3654H        Gospel of Mark and Christian Origins

EMB5002H        Greek Texts of Early Roman Empire

EMB5347H        Wisdom in Second Temple Judaism

EMB5401H        Qumram: Scripture and Worship

EMB5703H         Paul: Biographical Problems

EMB5704H         Paul: Methodological Problems


EMF3020Y        Contextual Education
Section L0101
Section L0102

EMF3130H        Ministry Integration Seminar


EMH1010H        History of Christianity I (to AD 843)

EMH2010H        History of Christianity II (843-1648)

EMH2210H        History of Christianity III (1648-present)

EMH3371H        Varieties of North American Christianity

EMH3570H        Issues in United Church History

EMH3801H        Christianity & Crisis in North America

TXH3806H        Calvin, Wesley, & Canada

EMH3813H        The History of Christianity in the United States

EMH5372H        Religion & Public Life in Canada

EMH6801H        Christianity & Crisis in North America

EMH6813H        The History of Christianity in the United States

EMH6371H        Varieties of North American Christianity


EMP1021H            Leading Congregations through Conflict and Change

EMP1101H            Worship I: Foundations of Christian Public Worship

EMP1301H            Homiletics I

EMP1431H            Education and Faith Formation

EMP1601H            Context and Ministry

EMP1741H            Care and Community

EMP2010H            Buddhist Mindfulness Approaches to Mental Health

EMP2011H            Buddhist Contemplative Care

EMP2015H            Buddhism & Psychotherapy

EMP2019H            Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation

EMP2103H            Worship II: Pastoral Occasions and Liturgical Praxis

EMP2141H            Congregational/Parish Dynamics

EMP2206H            Ministry without Prayer

EMP2520H            Mindfulness and Counselling in the Community (Buddhism)

EMP2537H            Islamic Spiritual Care

EMP2538H            Analysis of the Mind in Abhidhamma Buddhist Psychology

EMP2671H            Buddhist Meditative Traditions

EMP2731H            Ministry of Governance and Administration

EMP2805H            Worship Planning

EMP2831H            Communication Rights & Religion

EMP2861H            Songs of the Church

EMP2875H            Toronto School of Theology Choir

EMP3014H            Writing Religion

EMP3121H            Worship and Theology: Dislocating Perspectives

EMP3266H            Spirituality and Health

EMP3304H            The New Homiletic

EMP3307H            Homiletics II: Preaching in Ministry

EMP3323H            African American Preaching

EMP3413H            Adult Learning for Transformation: Educating for Justice

for Transformation: Educating for Justice
EMP3476H            Creativity and Spirituality

EMP3514H            Working with Couples in Pastoral Counselling & Marriage & Family Therapy

MP3521H            Professional Ethics for Spiritual Care and Ethics

EMP3546H            Theories and Methods in Pastoral Counselling and Marriage & Family Therapy

EMP3538H            Dreams: Psycho-Spiritual Therapy

            Wesleyan Foundations for Church and Community in Canada

EMP3548H            History and Identity of the Care of Souls

EMP3559H            Spiritual Care with Dying and Grieving Persons

EMP3560H            Suffering and Hope: Multifaith Perspectives on Spiritual Care

EMP3561H            Intercultural Care & Counselling

            Religious Peacebuilding

EMP3855H            Global and Contemporary Worship Song Leadership

EMP3858H            Sacred Music in Christian History: An Overview

EMP5005H            Practical Theology Research Methods

EMP5120H            Liturgical Theology

EMP5121H            Liturgy as Ritual

EMP5302H            Learning from the History of Preaching

EMP5304H            The New Homiletic

EMP5323H            Learning from African American Preaching

EMP5325H            Rhetoric and Poetics

EMP5354H            Preaching and Cultures

EMP5005H            Practical Theology Research Methods

EMP6014H            Writing Religion

EMP6307H            Preaching in Ministry

EMP6548H            History and Identity of the Care of Souls

EMP6561H              Intercultural Care & Counselling

EMP6619H            Religious Peacebuilding

EMP6855H            Global and Contemporary Worship Song Leadership


EMT1101H            Theology I

EMT1620H            History of Buddhist Traditions

EMT1801H            Intensive Arabic

EMT1851H            Qur'an I

EMT2102H            Theology II

EMT2629H            Classic Buddhist Texts

EMT2630H            Buddhist Ethics

EMT2631H            Foundational Tenets and Practices of Buddhism

EMT2811H            Women, Gender, and Islam

EMT2812H            Qur'an II: Islamic Thought and the Bible

EMT2902H            Christian Ethics in Context

EMT3020H            Intertwined Texts: Bible and Qur'an in Dialogue

EMT3101H            Biography and Thought: Study of the Life of Muhammad          

KNT3271H            Doctrines of Reconciliation

EMT3412H            Confessing Our Faith

EMT3451H            Mission and Religious Pluralism

EMT3542H            20th Century Protestant Theology

EMT3601H            Theology, Culture and Praxis

EMT3604H            Becoming Intercultural Communities

EMT3607H            Islamic Thought in the Classical Age (7-13 Cent CE)

EMT3608H            Islamic Thought in the Modern Age (18 -21 Cent. CE)

EMT3610H            Religious Thought and Spirituality in Islam

EMT3664H            Engaging Aboriginal Theologies

EMT3672H            Theology, Violence, and Peace

EMT3681H            Theologies from the Global South

EMT3809H            Queer Christian Theologies 

EMT3873H            Law, Ethics, and Society

EMT3934H            Good Sex: Sexuality and Ethics

EMT3967H            Public Vocation of Christian Churches: Common Good, Social Ethics

EMT6542H            20th Century Protestant Theology

EMT5605H            Theological Method and Hermeneutics

EMT5912H            Theological Method

EMT5931H            Doing Theology and Ethics in Intercultural/Postcolonial Frames

EMT5943H            Transformative Women's Work in Theology and Ethics

EMT6020H            Intertwined Texts: Bible and Qur'an in Dialogue

EMT6101H           Biography and Thought: Study of the Life of Muhammad

EMT6607H            Islamic Thought in the Classical Age (7-13 Cent CE)

EMT6608H           Islamic Thought in the Modern Age (18 -21 Cent. CE)

EMT6610H            Religious Thought & Spirituality in Islam

EMT6664H            Engaging Aboriginal Theologies

            Theology, Violence, and Peace

EMT6809H            Queer Christian Theologies

EMT6873H            Law, Ethics, and Society

EMT6934H            Good Sex: Sexuality and Ethics

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