Fees and Refunds - Conjoint Degree Students

2019-2020 Tuition Fee Schedules

2019-2020 Incidental Fee Schedule

2019-2020 Refund Schedule

International Fee Exemptions (scroll down linked page)

International Fee Exemption under Religious Workers (scroll down linked page)

Student Choice Initiative (Students in Conjoint Programs Only)

New for Fall 2019: The Ontario Government’s Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities has defined what may be charged as a mandatory (or compulsory) incidental fee. All other fees are defined as optional and students may choose to opt out of those fees. The University encourages your support of its services and student societies. It is important to read the information provided regarding the fees before choosing to opt out. Opting out of any program or service may limit your access to that program or service.

What you need to know:

More information on Non-Academic Incidental Fees and 'opting-out' can be found here.

2019-2020 Opt-Out Fee Description (Emmanuel College Students)




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