Student Services

All conjoint basic degree students pay incidental fees that automatically either make them a member of or allow them access to many of the student services available on the University of Toronto St. George campus.

Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services works to facilitate the inclusion of students with disabilities in all aspects of university life. The focus is on skills development, especially in the area of self-advocacy and academic skills. Services are provided to students with a documented disability, be it physical or sensory, a learning disability or a mental health disorder. Students with temporary disabilitIes are also eligible.

Campus Community Police

The University of Toronto Police is dedicated to creating a safe, secure and equitable environment for students, staff, faculty and visitors. 

Victoria University's Campus Safety Officer is the Dean of Students, Kelley Castle 


It is the goal of the University of Toronto to do everything possible to create an environment where students, staff and faculty can feel safe to learn, work and live.

The University of Toronto strives to maintain an environment free from discrimination and harassment, and that is safe for all members. We have a range of policies, programs and services in place to support these efforts.

Career Centre

A service to help students and recent graduates find the right career opportunity and employment.

Centre for International Experience

International students and those with international or intercultural interests are served by the Centre for International Experience, located at 33 St. George Street. Its goal is to provide services that promote and support international education. In addition to programs organized by the many diverse cultural, and other interest groups which use the CIE, the Centre itself sponsors a wide range of events that introduce students to Canada and to each other.

Whether for a semester or a whole degree, CIE is a hub for domestic and international students to hang out, learn more about international work/ study opportunities and go on excursions.

Chaplaincy/Spiritual Support

The Ecumenical Chaplaincy at the University of Toronto (ECUT) is a Christian voice, rooted in the traditions of The Presbyterian Church in Canada and The United Church of Canada, for the community studying, working and living at the University of Toronto.

The Muslim Chaplaincy at the University of Toronto (MCUOFT) engages students by providing an inclusive space and sense of community for them to foster a meaningful Muslim identity. The Muslim Chaplaincy enriches and supports students through quality educational, spiritual and counselling services rooted in relevant Islamic learning.

Multi-Faith Centre at the University of Toronto supporting the spiritual diversity at the University of Toronto.

Family Care Office

The Family Care Office provides information, guidance, and referrals to students who require child care (facilities, programs, and subsidies), elder care, or assistance with other family matters.

Health and Wellness Services

The University of Toronto is committed to helping students achieve optimal health and offers numerous confidential health and counseling services. Each campus provides students with a variety of health education and outreach programs and information materials, as well as clinicians and health care professionals.


U of T also offers facilities, programs and opportunities for all students to get active.  Advanced degree students will need to pay membership costs if they are interested in joining one of these sport facilities.

Athletic Centre

Hart House

Varsity Centre


Student Life

Through Student Life's work and partnerships, every student will have the opportunity to actively participate in university life; find connection, community, and friendship; encounter new ways of thinking and being in the world; and experience leadership, independence, and success.

Writing Centres

The St. George Campus College Writing Centres, with the participation of Counseling and Learning Skills Services (CALSS), University of Toronto Libraries, and the Career Centre, are working together to provide this campus-wide series of academic skills workshops to the University's entire student body. All workshops are free and there is no need to pre-register. To view dates and topics, please click here.

As well, the University of Toronto provides a listing of resources to help students improve their writing.

The Vic Writing Centre

The Writing Centre offers a tutorial service to Basic Degree students on an individual appointment basis. Each student receives individual help with a writing instructor lasting 50 minutes. Instructors help you develop your capacity to plan, organize, write and revise your essays, reviews, lab reports, case studies, and other academic papers. They will go over your work, and help you gain your own skills in writing, revising and editing. However, Instructors are not there to do your proofreading.

To book an appointment, click here.

Advanced Degree students are encouraged to access the SGS Office's English Language and Writing Support .

Writing Plus: Academic Skills Workshops 2014-15 

The St. George Campus College Writing Centres, in collaboration with University of Toronto Libraries, the Arts and Science Students’ Union (ASSU), and the Academic Success Centre, are offering this campus-wide series of academic skills workshops to the University’s entire student body. All workshops are free and there is no need to pre-register. Come for one, or come for all! 

Current Students