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Distinguished Alumni/ae Award

The Emmanuel College Alumni/ae Association established the Emmanuel College Distinguished Alumni/ae Award in 2008 to honour and bring attention to graduates of the College whose vision and leadership have distinguished them through extraordinary and exemplary ministry to the church, academy, or society at large. Such recent or lifetime service and contribution can be at the local, national or international level.

2019 Distinguished Alumni/ae Award Recipient Announced

For lifetime achievement at the local, national and international levels, the Rev. Dr. Harold Wells 6T6 has been named the 2019 Distinguished Alumni/ae Award winner. Harold embodies the essence of this award having served, over the course of his career, the Church and its broader community as a minister, teacher, and writer. Harold holds a Bachelor of Arts (McMaster University), Bachelor of Divinity (Emmanuel College), Master of Theology (New College, University of Edinburgh), Doctor of Philosophy (McGill University) and Doctor of Divinity (honoris causa) (Knox College). Harold was a professor of Systemic Theology and the Director of Advanced Degree studies at Emmanuel College for much of his career and supervised 23 doctoral students for the Toronto School of Theology. He has served congregational ministries at Jarvis (Erie Presbytery), Garson-Falconbridge (Sudbury Presbytery), and East Plains United Church, Burlington (Halton Presbytery). In his personal life, Harold married Patricia Wells in 1963 and they had four children. His work led him to the Division of World Outreach where he served as university chaplain and lecturer in theology at Morija Theological College and at the National University of Lesotho (in Southern Africa). His family accompanied him to Lesotho, where Patricia taught high school, and they later co-authored the book, Jesus Means Life. As a writer, Harold is the author or editor of six books, as well as numerous chapters in books. He has also written many articles in refereed journals, and since retirement has published articles in the Touchstone Journal and the United Church Observer. Harold continues to serve as Minister Emeritus of East Plains United Church in Burlington, Ontario.

Do you know an Emmanuel grad who is making a significant contribution to society? Nominate him or her for the 2020 Distinguished Alumni/ae Award. The nomination deadline is December 31, 2021.


Past Winners

2018 Anne Simmonds Emm 9T6

2017 S. Peter Wyatt Vic 6T6, Emm 8T3

2016 William (Bill) Lord Emm 6T3

2015 John Thompson Emm 7T1

2014 Nan Hudson Emm 8T9

2013 Malcolm Sinclair Emm 7T0

2012 C. Douglas Jay Emm 5T0

2011 Don Gillies Emm 5T9

2010 Glenys Huws Emm 6T8

2009 Bessie E. Lane Emm 6T0

2008 Bruce McLeod

Alumni/ae Service Award

The Emmanuel College Alumni/ae Association developed the Alumni/ae Service Award in 2017 to bring recognition and honour to the noteworthy accomplishments of Emmanuel College Alumni/ae.

Award recipients will be honoured at a future event.

Award Recipients

Alexa Gilmour Emm 1T1
Gerald Hobbs Emm 6T6
Evan Smith Emm 1T3
Jennifer Stephens Emm 9T3
Robert Witmer Emm 8T0

Nominations for the next round of Awards will be accepted until December 31, 2021. 


Past Recipients

Barry F.H. Cooke Emm 5T7
Bruce Gregersen Emm 9T6, 9T9
John Joseph Mastandrea Emm 8T9, 0T0
Judith (Robinson) Russo Emm 0T6
Janet L. (White) Stobie Emm 8T9
Richard G. Chambers Emm 8T6—for his work at the Multifaith Centre and interfaith community support
Leslie Dawson Emm 8T7—for her chaplaincy service in the Canadian military
Cheri DiNovo Emm 9T5, 0T2—for her work in public service and advocacy
John McTavish Vic 6T3, Emm 6T6—for his work in congregational ministry and writing
Peter Newbery, C.M., O.B.C., Vic 6T1, Emm 6T6—for his service to rural and Indigenous communities in B.C.
Lee Simpson Vic 7T4, Emm 0T5—for her work in publishing and
congregational ministry