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Maya Landell EMM 0T7 and Adam Hanley EMM 1T0  Landell and Hanley have moved back to Toronto. Landell has left Innerkip-Eastwood Pastoral Charge in London Conference to serve at Islington United Church in Toronto. She remains a member-at-large on the Emmanuel College Alumni/ae Assocation, having served since 2014. Hanley has moved from ministry with KTV United Church in Hamilton Conference to serve at the General Council Office as the new program coordinator for Ministry Personnel Vitality. Together, they call Etobicoke home with their four-year old daughter, Norah Grace and their beagle-basset hound, Sophie.
JoAnne Lam Emm 1T1 Lam began her first call in January 2016 at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church. She is in the midst of doctoral studies at St. Paul University in Ottawa with a focus on biblical studies. Currently, she is in the process of completing a research paper on the analysis of 1 Kings 19:1–19 (account of Elijah fleeing from Jezebel and meeting God at Mount Horeb) with a narrative-criticism approach.
David Shearman Emm 7T9  Shearman has retired from Central Westside United Church, Owen Sound, but continues to live in the area. David can be reached at
Jane Brushey-Martin Emm 0T2 Brushey-Martin and her partner, Geoffrey, are happy to announce their move into Toronto where she can devote her ministry to the practice of pastoral counselling and psychotherapy. Jane is registered with the new College of Psychotherapists of Ontario and does outreach work at The Church of the Redeemer and has a growing private practice on St George Street. Jane can be reached at
Aruna Alexander Emm 0T6 Alexander chairs the Bay of Quinte Conference Intercultural/Interfaith/Interchurch Committee, as well as Kente Presbytery’s Church and Wider Community Focus Group. After completing her term at the United Church of Canada’s Theology and Inter-Church Inter-Faith Committee, she was invited to join the Board of Directors for the Canadian Churches Forum on Global Ministries. As a doctoral student at Emmanuel College, Aruna was inspired by When-In Ng of Emmanuel College, the late Margaret O’Gara of St. Michael’s College, and Dorcas Gordon of Knox College. In her work, Aruna believes that their spirit of commitment to excellence, and concern for others lives on.

Recently, Aruna was presented with the Provincial Newcomer Champion Award from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration, and International Trade, at its Toronto offices. In recognition of her outstanding leadership in creating effective programs to welcome newcomers to Belleville, her citation reads “in appreciation of your excellence in promoting cross-cultural understanding and implanting programs to help settle and connect newcomers in your Community.” Created in 2007, the Newcomer Champion Award recognizes people who have made a difference in their communities and the province through active citizenship and engagement. She was also given a Certificate of Appreciation from the Belleville mayor for her contributions to the city in promoting diversity and inclusivity. Get in touch with Aruna.

Sara (Wilson) Campbell Emm 1T2 Campbell completed a Master of Sacred Music degree in 2012. She describes her two years at Emmanuel College as “wonderful.” Since graduation, she has worked with Maritime Conference Youth Forum as its music leader. She also participated in the Behold! conference in Halifax in the fall of 2013, and has opened a music studio in her home where she teaches private voice lessons. Emmanuel was, for her, a place for tremendous growth. The College imbued her with a knowledge of and passion for ministry—both a part of Sara’s daily life.

Sara and her partner, David Campbell, participate in joint ministry to the community at Bridgewater United Church in Bridgewater, NS. David went to the Atlantic School Theology in Halifax, NS, and graduated in 2014. The south shore of Nova Scotia is a vibrant and large community. They had their first child in August 2015 and they look forward to their future together. Sara can be reached at

Gerald Kerr Emm 0T2, 1T1

Kerr accepted a call to ministry in October, 2013 at St. Paul’s United in Perth, Ontario. Following his 2003 ordination, Gerry asked to be settled in the Maritime Conference. He and his spouse, Ida, moved from their home and family in Owen Sound, Ontario, to his four-point settlement charge in Brooklyn on the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia. In late 2005, he accepted a call to the Onslow-Belmont Pastoral Charge, near Truro, where over eight years of ministry there led the three point charge to a successful amalgamation, now known as Trinity United.

Before leaving Emmanuel, he enrolled in the Master of Pastoral Studies program. He completed the requirements, including a clinical pastoral education (CPE) unit through the Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax and Dartmouth General Hospital, as well as a 2011 sabbatical at Queen’s University to complete the degree.

In 2011, after his sabbatical was over but still on leave, Gerry and Ida vacationed in Mexico. The next week in April he ran his first Boston Marathon ever after qualifying in Toronto in 2009. On May 12 he returned to graduate from Emmanuel College accepting his MPS degree on his son’s, Zachary birthday.

He describes congregational ministry as “a wonderful ride and joyous experience of relationship building through creative worship, pastoral care and outreach experiences.” He is particularly grateful to Emmanuel College faculty member professor Bill Kervin, whom he fondly describes as his “worship-hero, prof, go-to guy” for all things liturgical.

Gerry started running while in Nova Scotia as a kind of spiritual discipline and ran all the way (figuratively speaking) from the South Shore to the United Church’s Tatamagouche Centre to sign up for the three-year Atlantic Jubilee Program for Spiritual Deepening and Direction. His 10 years of ministry in the Maritimes has helped him renew his ancestral Scottish roots always covenanting in his kilt as he was ordained in the kilt at Timothy Eaton Memorial. He chaired Truro Presbytery for two years, the first presbytery in Canada, and served on committees of the Maritime Conference. For fun, he pursues his running interests, took up skiing again, enjoys jazz and blues festivals, the occasional Blue Jays game and riding his pride and joy, Honda Shadow Spirit 1100 motorcycle, a big-boy toy he acquired, with permission from his wife, on their 36th anniversary in 2009.

One of Gerry’s more memorable events so far in ministry came this past July when his new church, St Paul’s United in Perth, hosted a sold-out solo concert with Matt Anderson, a favourite blues artist from Perth-Andover not far from where Gerry grew up in New Brunswick. It was an awesome experience that raised the 160-year-old rafters of St. Paul’s! Get in touch with Gerry.

Andrea Allen Emm 1T0

Allen has accepted a call to Knox United Church in Embro, Ontario, about 140 km southwest of Toronto. Following graduation, she had worked as an ordained minister at Killam Pastoral Charge, Alberta. Moving closer to home, however, has been a blessing: “Our daughter Gillian was born in Alberta (May 2011), and we needed to be closer to our families. I love the church I serve in Embro, and am so thankful that God has led us all back to this area near our family and friends.” As an Emmanuel student, Allan took part in an integrated learning course following her internship and credits this experience with helping her develop lasting relationships with fellow Emmanuel alumni, with whom she is in regular contact: “We keep in touch throughout the year and meet annually for three days in January. We continue to learn from each other, sharing our thoughts, experiences, and resources! There are so many wonderful professors and support staff at Emmanuel who helped to shape me into the minister I am today; the people I interact with closely have given me the greatest gifts.” Click here to get in touch with Andrea.

Brownwyn Corlett Vic 0T3 Emm 1t0

Corlett has recently moved back to the Toronto core from Hamilton. From 2010–2012, she was the minister at Binkley United Church in Hamilton: “I loved the Binkley congregation and living in Hamilton,” she says. In 2012, however, her career path changed when she became the program coordinator for ministry recruitment in the Ministry and Employment unit at the General Council Office of the United Church of Canada: “I focus on encouraging others to enter ministry, looking for what helps people hear and live out God’s call in their lives.” While Corlett loves her new job, leaving the Hamilton Conference wasn’t an easy decision to make and she struggled with the move. “It was a difficult decision in many ways because I was leaving congregational ministry, which I had gone to Emmanuel to do! I decided to take on the challenge of ministry recruitment. How could I assert that and not be willing to work at it?” Corlett remains actively involved with the Emmanuel community, too, as the vice president of the Emmanuel College Alumni/ae Association. Click here to get in touch with Bronwyn.