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The MTS - Theology, Spirituality, and the Arts Stream is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to interpret and analyze the theological dimension of the arts and culture.  

This stream of the MTS program:  

• Allows students to receive focused academic content in the area of theology, spirituality and the arts within the existing learning objectives and structure of the MTS.  

• Explores the range of ways that the arts intersect with theological understanding.  

• Builds relationships with artists [painters, sculptors, architects, writers, musicians, performers, filmmakers, etc.] art experts, academics, therapists, and the public and private cultural institutions of Toronto and beyond.  

• Supports student exploration of the possible role of theology in arts related vocations.  

• Uses interdisciplinary methodologies from theology, aesthetics theory, art history, pastoral theology, liturgy and material culture studies, and other related disciplines.  

• Prepares students for preparation for an advanced research degree. 


Program Summary

Eight courses in Level 1, and 12 courses for Level 2, for a total of 20 credits, with required Emmanuel College Core Courses, Designated Electives, and additional Electives for the Stream. Electives are designed to focus academic content in the area of theology, spirituality and the arts.

The degree can be done full-time in two years, but may be completed purely on a part-time basis, and up to eight years are allowed for completion.


Master of Theological Studies

Designated Elective Courses


RGT3728H    Philosophy and Theology of Beauty 

RGT3601H    Faith and Culture

RGT3281H    Hans Urs von Balthasar

RGT3661H    Mystical Landscape Art: From Vincent van Gogh to Emily Carr

RGP3207H    Spirituality and Suffering 

RGT3745H     Issues in the Philosophy of Religion and The Brothers Karamazov

RGP3855H     Spirituality and Literature 

RGP3271H     The Imagination of Spirit 

SMT1104H    Foundations of Eastern Christian Theology

SMT2141H     Byzantine Christian Sacraments

SMT2401H    Introduction to Liturgy

SMT3540H    Interfaith in the City

SMT3633H    lnculturation and Spirituality

SMT3641H    Twentieth-Century Eastern Christian Sacramental Theology

TRT2841H    The Theology of Dostoevsky

TRT2876H    Faith and Film

TRT2111H     Iconology: Doctrinal and Liturgical Theology of Iconography

TRT3981H    Justice and Reconciliation

ICT3732H     Ricoeur: Language and the Sacred

ICT3734H     Philosophy at the Limit: Richard Kearney on Language and Religion

WYT3855H    Theology of Culture

Any other TST Theology course approved by MTS Program Advisors



RGB3902H    Interpreting the Bible in the Early Church

EMB2951H    Jesus and the Games We Play

EMB5401H    Qumran: Scripture and Worship

SMB2910H    Hermeneutics and Exegesis in Eastern Christianity

SMB3083H    Old Testament Spiritualities

SMB3551H     The Role of Emotions in the Letters of St. Paul

SMB3603H    Interpreting the Passion Narratives

TRB1001H     Introduction to the Old Testament

TRB3321H      Wisdom Literature

Any other TST Bible course approved by MTS Program Advisors


RGH3755H    Eastern Christian Icons

RGH3227H    Jesuits and Globalization

RGH3721H    Pilgrim Souls: Theology, Art and Architecture in Britain from William Blake to William Morris

RGT3661H     Mystical Landscape Art: From Vincent van Gogh to Emily Carr

SMH2801H    A Journey Through History: The Jesuit Missions In Early Modern Canada

SMH3058H    Early Christian Art Theology

TRH2201H     From Puginesque to Punk: Introduction to the Gothic

TXJ2401H       The History, Theology, and Practice of Anglican Liturgy

ICH3350H      Art, Religion and Theology: Theologies of Art in the Christian Tradition

ICH3758H      Grace as an Aesthetic Concept

ICH3757H      Beauty: Theology, Ethics, or Aesthetics?

ICH3761H      Reconsidering Kant’s Aesthetics

ICH5752H      With/Out Reason: Art and Imagination in the Western Tradition

ICH5751H      The Aesthetics of Compassion

ICH3153H      Matter, Body and Gender in the Thought of Hildegard of Bingen, Bernardus Sylvestris, Alan of Lille and Thomas Aquinas

ICH5720H     Rhetoric as Philosophy from Isocrates to the Age of Abelard and Heloise

Any other TST History course approved by MTS Program Advisors

Moral Theology

RGT2943H     Social Faith, Eco-Justice and Transforming Beauty

SMT2610H     Eco-Theology Faith and Practice

RGT3745H     Issues in the Philosophy of Religion and The Brothers Karamazov


Any other TST Moral Theology course approved by MTS Program Advisors


RGP3214H     Spirituality and Culture

RGP3855H     Spirituality and Literature

RGP3271H     The Imagination of Spirit

RGP3273H     Prayer and Meditation Through Pencil, Pastel, and Ink Sketching

RGP3207H     Spirituality and Suffering

RGP3815H      Spirituality in Rembrandt and Van Gogh with Henri Nouwen as Guide

RGT3661H     Mystical Landscape Art: From Vincent van Gogh to Emily Carr

EMP2875H     Toronto School of Theology Choir

EMP2861H     Songs of the Church

EMP3014H     Writing Religion

EMP3651H      Narrative Therapy

EMP1101H      Foundations of Christian Public Worship

EMP3121H      Worship and Theology: Dislocating Perspectives

EMP3476H     Creativity and Spirituality

EMP5120H     Liturgical Theology

EMP5121H      Liturgy as Ritual

EMP3858H      Sacred Music in Christian History: An Overview

EMP3855H      Global and Contemporary Worship Song Leadership

EMP3113H       Worship Team Practicum

EMP3881H      Worship and the Arts

SMP1102H      Introduction to Byzantine Christian Worship

SMP2271H      Explorations in Eastern Christian Spirituality

SMP3124H      Eucharist: Liturgy & Theology

TRP2134H       Shaping Space for Worship

TRP2859H      History and Practice of Orthodox Liturgical Music

TRP2826H      Writing Sacred Stories and Worshipful Plays

TRP2871H       Liturgical Drama

ICP3851H        Experiential Learning in Faith and the Arts

WYP2121H      Church Music: Theology and Practice


Any other TST Pastoral course approved by MTS Program Advisors

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Master of Theological Studies program will be able to demonstrate

  • Knowledge of scripture, history, ethics, and theology that is substantial and relevant.
  • Comprehension of intercultural, interreligious and contextual issues bearing upon theological research and scholarship.
  • Skills and practices of theological scholarship.