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Emmanuel Grad Lands Prestigious Appointment Months Before Graduation

Mar. 17, 2023
Boram Lee sitting in an Emmanuel College classroom.

The Rev. Dr. Boram Lee sees her upcoming professorship “not as an occupation, but as a vocation."

An Emmanuel College student graduating in May has already landed a prestigious role. The Rev. Dr. Boram Lee has been appointed professor of pastoral care and practice at Wycliffe College in the University of Toronto, chosen after an international search by a committee. She told us about her time at Emmanuel College and how her academic journey led her to this new role. 
Prior to coming to Emmanuel, Lee received considerable clinical training as a psychotherapist and chaplain, earning a master’s degree in theology and another in psychology and religion. She decided to further her education at Emmanuel College after working in mental health. “I realized depression could not be addressed merely by people’s intrapsychic world, and saw how oppressive cultural elements and damaging social systems exacerbate suffering,” she says. 
As Lee researched where to pursue doctoral studies, she was drawn by Emmanuel’s faculty, strong reputation in theological studies and “commitment to fostering dignity, equity, accountability and responsibility.” She says her time at the college shaped her identity as a practical theologian and broadened her scope to include justice in public realms. “At Emmanuel, I was able to study those relegated to the margins of society, as well as the role of the church and the government in supporting vulnerable people in our society under the supervision of two professors, Pamela Couture and Pamela McCarroll. It was a great blessing to have these outstanding scholars on my dissertation committee.” 
Lee says her professors at Emmanuel taught her the importance of self-care, and provided “tremendous support and encouragement when I went through challenging times in my dual roles as a full-time mother and student.” It took three years for Lee to complete her dissertation—“But I did it! I want to give hope to all students with children.”  
What does Lee hope to bring to her new role at Wycliffe? “I approach this faculty position not as an occupation but as a vocation,” she says. “I hope that my education and training can be used to support students who are called to ministry and theological scholarship. I am also eager to conduct academic research and produce publications. I pray that my ministry as a professor can contribute to God’s mission for the world!” 

—Joe Howell 

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