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Upcoming Events, Courses and Workshops

Emmanuel College supports its alumni/ae and local religious communities by offering a variety of continuing education programs and initiatives to further interfaith dialogue and for ministry professionals to replenish their spiritual wells.

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Renewing Hearts, Minds, Spirits

2023 SEP 27 | In Conversation with Professor Maria Hupfield: CANCELLED


Wednesday, September 27, 7 p.m.

This talk will focus on the centrality of spirituality within indigenous art practice and curation in Canada through a discussion of Professor Maria Hupfield’s work.

About Maria Hupfield

Professor Maria Hupfield is Assistant Professor of Indigenous Digital Arts and Performance at the Department of Visual Studies, Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design. Her work exists at the intersection of Anishinaabek cultural knowledge and Western based art practices. Professor Hupfield has been at the cutting edge of art and public engagement as founder of the 7th Generation Image Makers, Native Child + Family Services of Toronto, forging partnerships with the Art Gallery of Ontario, Charles Street Video and ImageNATIVE Film and Media Arts festival. Professor Hupfield was awarded the Hnatyshyn Foundation prize for outstanding achievement by a Canadian mid-career artist (2018).

2023 SEP 29 | Book Launch: Festschrift Leif Vaage–Recovering an Undomesticated Apostle

Friday, September 29, 6–7:30 p.m., Emmanuel College Chapel, Free (registration is required)

Attend online (via Zoom) or in person (Chapel, Room 319 [Third floor], Emmanuel College, 75 Queen's Park Crescent, Toronto.
Emmanuel College's accessible entrance is located on the west side of the building (facing Queen's Park Crescent), and the chapel on the third floor is accessible by elevator. The accessible/all-inclusive washroom is located on the main floor by the foyer.

Join us for the launch of Recovering an Undomesticated Apostle: Essays on the Legacy of Paul (McGill-Queens 2023), edited by Christopher B. Zeichmann and John A. Egger.

Published in honour of Leif E. Vaage (Professor Emeritus of New Testament, Emmanuel College), Recovering an Undomesticated Apostle presents Paul as a man operating from a position of desperation, making virtue out of necessity as he attempted to claw his way up in the dog-eat-dog world of the ancient Mediterranean.

Zeichmann, Egger and other book contributors will be presenting with Prof. Emeritus Vaage responding. Light refreshments will be served.

Register by clicking here. MQUP is offering a book 30% discount to registrants/attendees. Attendees can also purchase discounted copies of the Festschrift and other books by the editors and Prof. Emeritus Vaage at the launch.


Leif E. Vaage is Professor Emeritus of New Testament at Emmanuel College, having taught New Testament literature and exegesis there from 1991 until his retirement in 2020, as well as throughout Latin America and Europe. His academic publications include Galilean Upstarts: Jesus' First Followers According to Q (1994), Subversive Scriptures: Revolutionary Readings of the Christian Bible in Latin America (1997), Religious Rivalries in the Early Roman Empire and the Rise of Christianity (2006), Columbus, Q and Rome: Reframing Interpretation of the Christian Bible (2011) and Borderline Exegesis (2014). He has also published multiple books of poetry, including Schooled in Salt (2003), Cariboo (2016), Beautiful Day (2016) and Metaphysical Athlete (2019).

Christopher B. Zeichmann Emm 1T7 teaches religious studies and history at Toronto Metropolitan University. He has published several books, the most recent being Queer Readings of the Centurion at Capernaum (2022).

John A. Egger Emm 1T5, recently returning from serving overseas in Korea with the United Church of Canada, is currently serving the United Church in the office of the three regional councils of Western Ontario. From 2005 to 2015, he studied with Leif Vaage at Emmanuel College, receiving his doctoral degree with the dissertation A Most Troublesome Text: Galatians 4:21—5:1 in the History of Interpretation.

Book Endorsements

“No other work approaches the topic of Paul in quite the same way. Recovering an Undomesticated Apostle is a collection
of well-researched, exegetically rigorous essays that adhere to the volume’s unifying theme, that is, that Paul has been
‘domesticated’ and that the task of scholars is to make him weird again.”
PATRICK GRAY, Rhodes College and author of Paul as a Problem in History and Culture: The Apostle and His Critics through the Centuries

“This volume re-evaluates so many cherished and unquestioned assumptions about Paul. Each essay is provocative in
its own way, re-envisaging who Paul was and how to talk about him.”
MATTHEW THIESSEN, McMaster University and author of Paul and the Gentile Problem

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2023 OCT 25 | Preparing for Death in the Midst of Life and in the Time of MAiD: Anne Simmonds

Wednesday, October 25, 9:45–3:30 p.m., Emmanuel College Chapel

Registration by clicking here.

Registration Fee (includes snack and lunch)

  • $150 + HST (Regular)
  • $120 + HST (Early Bird, register by September 30, 2023)

About the Workshop

Spiritual Care to the dying and bereaved, while being one of the most satisfying aspects of ministry, has always had challenges. We embrace those struggling with difficult decisions. The advent of MAiD has increased the complexity of these conversations and deliberations. In this workshop we will address the new laws in Canada around who is eligible for this service, the novel issues MAiD presents, and the “opposing tensions experienced by individuals who accompany a loved one through MAiD”. A. Frolic PhD.

What might it mean to more intentionally prepare for death, in our own lives and with those we serve? How can we facilitate and witness difficult, but necessary, conversations around death and dying before it is too late? The workshop will provide ample time for participants to learn, reflect, and share, as well as time for easily learned self-care practices.

By encountering death many thousands of times, I have come to a view that there is usually little to fear and much to prepare for. Most patients and families believe the opposite.  Kathryn Mannix, MD

About Anne Simmonds

As adjunct faculty at Emmanuel College, Rev. Dr. Anne Simmonds Emm 9T6 has taught courses in death, dying and grieving, and prayer in Emmanuel's MDiv, MPS, continuing education and parish nursing programs. Simmonds is a voluntary associate minister at Rosedale United Church and spiritual mentor in Toronto. She is a gifted speaker and facilitator who draws on her extensive experience in teaching, congregational ministry, hospital chaplaincy, nursing and her own grief. Simmonds was awarded the Emmanuel College Alumni/ae Association (ECAA) Distinguished Alumni/ae Award in 2018.

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