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Tow Preaching Fellowship

In the spring of 2016, Emmanuel College and Metropolitan United Church together launched the Tow Preaching Fellowship. This $3,000 bursary, which is awarded annually, is to help support a sabbatical at Emmanuel College focused on excellence in preaching. The deadline is February 1 and June 1 each year. 

Emmanuel College invites ministry professionals to spend from a week to a term, or anything in between, refilling their spiritual well through self-directed study, worship and prayer on the Emmanuel College and Victoria University campus.

This Sabbatical or Study-Leave program is available to ministry professionals who reside in Canada, and who wish to take a week or more to read, reflect and re-energize at Emmanuel College. Clergy, Christian educators, church musicians, lay professionals, parish nurses, youth ministers, etc. are invited to inquire by e-mailing

More information on the Tow Preaching Fellowship.  

This program is available to Canadian residents. If you are applying from outside Canada, you need a connection to the College or the United Church of Canada. Please email for more information.


Sabbatical at Emmanuel for One Term – Overall Fee $700 ($350 for seniors)

1. Opportunity to audit two basic degree courses at Emmanuel

2. Access to Emmanuel and Pratt libraries—including book borrowing privileges

3. Welcome to all the Emmanuel community life programs and worship

4. Opportunity to meet on a bi-monthly basis for 1 hour with a faculty member


Sabbatical/ Study Leave at Emmanuel for One Week – Overall Fee $75

1. Use of Emmanuel and Pratt Libraries

2. Sit in on classes of your choice

3. Participate in Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday worship or community life programs

4. 1-hour meeting with a faculty member

Variations on this outline between one week and one-term can be worked out individually.

Sabbatical Flyer and Application Form (forthcoming).

The Tow Preaching Fellowship A $3,000 Sabbatical Fellowship to recognize, encourage and strengthen excellence in preaching.