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Victoria University Policy on Student Awards

General Policy Statement

1. Preamble
This policy applies to all student awards established in Victoria College and Emmanuel College of Victoria University. Its purpose is to ensure that the procedures followed in establishing such awards and in determining who will receive them are clear and consistent.

2. Definitions
a) “AWARD” is a generic term used to indicate an item of financial or other value presented to a student based on academic achievement or financial need.
b) “SCHOLARSHIP” is a financial award given on the basis of academic achievement.
c) “PRIZE” is a financial award (usually of smaller value) given for proficiency in a specific subject or course(s). Selection criteria other than performance in a course or courses (i.e. an essay competition) may also be used.
d) “MEDAL” is a university medal awarded to a graduating student on the basis of his or her overall superior academic performance.
e) “BURSARY” (Grant) is a financial award given to students on the basis of demonstrated financial need. Other selection criteria (such as extracurricular involvement) may also be used.
f) “OSAP” – the Ontario Student Assistance Program provides government funded repayable loans and non-repayment grants to eligible Ontario students.
g) “UTAPS” is University of Toronto Advance Planning for Students. UTAPS grant support is provided by the University to students whose assessed need is greater than government aid will cover.
h) “OSOTF AWARDS” are awards established through the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund program. These awards are given to students who have financial need and are Ontario residents. (Residency defined as having lived in Ontario for 12 months prior to the beginning post-secondary studies.)

3. Principles
a) The purpose of the Victoria University Awards program is to attract, recognize and reward academic achievement, and to ensure accessibility for students registered in one of the Colleges of Victoria University.
b) The terms and conditions of all awards established since 1990 must comply with the Ontario Human Rights Code and must be free of criteria based on personal characteristics such as race, ancestry, colour, ethnic origin, sex, creed, age, marital status, family status, sexual orientation or disability. Victoria will continue to offer a few long established awards which are for men students only or women students only.
c) The policies and procedures of the Victoria University Awards program are developed and approved by the Senate Executive Committee.
d) Except where otherwise stated in the terms of an award, recipients must be registered at Victoria College and must be pursuing their first undergraduate degree, or be registered at Emmanuel College.

4. Establish New Awards
a) Gifts of funds for endowed awards are managed by the Bursar in accordance with the Board of Regents’ Statement of Investment Policies and Guidelines for Endowment and Pension Funds, with the intent that the real capital value of the funds will be maintained in perpetuity.
b) Terms proposed by donors must be approved by the Senate Executive Committee.
c) Terms laid down in bequests must be approved by the Senate Executive Committee.
d) New Awards are subject to the Victoria University policy on Donor Recognition.
e) Victoria University will provide the donor annually with a report on the status of their endowed fund. In the case of scholarships, but not bursaries, donors will be notified of the names of recipients. The University may provide this information to a member of the donor’s family after the death of the donor.
f) A named award may be established in Victoria University for a minimum endowment of $25,000. Where a donor wishes to establish an annually-funded named award, the commitment must be for an annual amount of at least $1,000, normally for a period of five years. Senate approval is required for the name and award terms. Donations of any amount to any Victoria University award fund are welcomed, and will be appropriately acknowledged.

5. Granting of Awards
a) The awarding body is the Senate Executive Committee on the authority of the Senate of Victoria University, which from time to time empowers the University Registrar to make decisions concerning awards based on clear guidelines.
b) For awards presented at graduation, the Senate is the awarding body on recommendation of the Senate Executive Committee.
c) To avoid conflict of interest, donors are not permitted to participate in the selection of recipients for awards for which they are the donor.
d) In determining financial need, the Senate Executive Committee relies on the OSAP need-assessment process and the UTAPS program at the University of Toronto. Alternative needs assessment methods may be used where financial need is not captured by OSAP.
e) All scholarship recipients MUST be in good standing (CGPA of 1.50+ (Victoria College) or CGPA 2.70+ (Emmanuel College) to receive an award.

6. Protection of Awards Information
Personal information about students and donors collected for the purpose of administering Victoria University’s financial assistance and awards program, is collected under the authority granted to the Victoria University Act 1951, as amended 1981. At all times it will be treated and protected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

7. Outside Awards
Victoria University may provide assistance to external agencies providing scholarship and awards, where these might potentially benefit our students and where this has been approved by the Senate Executive Committee.

These policies will be reviewed by the Senate Executive Committee at least every three years.

Award Explorer
External Awards

MDiv Students in the UCC Candidacy Pathway

The Anniversary Bursary Fund

The Anniversary Bursary Fund at Eglinton St. George’s United Church in Toronto awards bursaries to candidates for ministry in The United Church of Canada who are registered in a campus-based ordination programme of a United Church Theological School. Individual awards of $1,000 or more are granted after careful consideration by the Anniversary Bursary Committee. The decision is based upon the financial needs of the candidates, their academic achievement and their statement of faith.

Deadline for submission each year is normally October 15.

Application Forms may be obtained from the ESG office:
Subject line should state Bursary Application.

The Woodwark Student Bursary

MDiv and MSMus Students

Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star, Ontario: Canada Eastern Star Training Awards for Religious Leadership (ESTARL)

The Grand Chapter offers bursaries for students who will be or are enrolled in an accredited college or university for training in ordained ministry or church music, and who have financial need. Please contact your nearest ESTARL chapter for more information and application.

Interested applicants should contact a member of a local Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star or contact the secretary of the ESTARL Committee—Rosemarie Delahey—at for an application form. Completed applications must therefore be submitted to a local OES Chapter for approval prior to June 1.

The background, eligibility criteria and contact information for these awards can be found on the OES web site at

Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star, Ontario: Canada Eastern Star Training Awards for Religious Leadership (ESTARL)

United Church of Canada Students

United Church Foundation

MDiv Unitarian Students 

Canadian Unitarian Council Theological Education Funds

MPS Students

The 釋悟德 Shi Wu De Community Care Bursaries 

The Buddhist Education Foundation of Canada is offering a number of bursaries of $500 per course to registered students of Emmanuel College of the University of Toronto taking one or more Buddhism courses that are listed in both the Master of Pastoral Studies Program (Buddhism stream) and the Buddhist Mindfulness and Mental Health Diploma Program.

釋悟德 The Shi Wu De Community Care Bursaries

MDiv or PhD Student (Korean)

Willowdale Emmanuel Scholarship

Terms: Awarded once a year to a domestic or international doctoral or MDiv student at Emmanuel College who speaks Korean (or has a Korean background).
To apply: Please email Willowdale Emmanuel United Church (attn: Lina Posa).

PhD Students

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)

Canadians and permanent residents may also apply for external support in the form of scholarships offered by SSHRC. These are awarded to outstanding graduate students pursuing doctoral studies in a Canadian university. Doctoral awards are valued at $20,000 for 12 to 48 months (depending on eligibility)

More helpful information about how to apply and the process can be found at the SSHRC Resource Centre.

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)

SSHRC Resource Centre

Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS)

The Government of the Province of Ontario provides graduate scholarships tenable at Ontario universities. OGS is available for graduate studies in all disciplines. Sixty of these awards are available to visa students

Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) 

2020 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

More than a scholarship, our renewed doctoral scholarship program is designed to train engaged leaders, equipping outstanding doctoral candidates with the tools to share and apply their research and be creative leaders in their institutions and communities. Our scholarship includes a stipend of up to $40,000 per year for three years, plus additional support up to $20,000 annually for research-related travel, and to attend Foundation leadership training institutes.

To submit a scholarship candidate, please do so on our portal no later than January 22, 2020. Detailed instructions are available here on the Foundation’s website. For additional questions, please contact us by email at or call 514-938-0001 ext. 231.

Conjoint Basic and Graduate Degree Students

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

The federal and provincial governments provide financial support to qualified students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Ontario. The amount of the loan depends on calculated financial need.

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

OSAP Calculator

Forum for Theological Exploration

The Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE) is a leadership incubator that inspires young people to make a difference in the world through Christian communities. FTE offers diverse young adults, students and partner organizations financial support and opportunities to develop leadership in the face of complex shifts in the church, economy and theological education.

Forum for Theological Exploration

Toronto School of Theology

A listing of internal and external scholarships and bursaries for basic and advanced degree students.

Toronto School of Theology

UTSU Financial Assistance