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Welcome to Emmanuel College, where we are reimagining theological education.

At Emmanuel, the learning environment mirrors the religious diversity of the world its graduates will serve. Future leaders of the United Church of Canada, Muslim, Buddhist, and other faith traditions develop side-by-side through coursework and community life. The resources of the Toronto School of Theology further facilitate Christian ecumenism. Far from watering down an education in one’s own tradition, these relationships lead to a deepened self-understanding that only comes through rigorous engagement with diverse neighbours.

At Emmanuel, we unite in a common purpose to meet the world’s needs. Our graduates educate, administrate, make music, pastor congregations, and provide spiritual care in secular and religious institutions across North America. Our distinguished faculty prepare students for these contexts, and more, through leading-edge scholarship and teaching.

If you are a prospective student, join us. If you are a current student, invest your whole self in this work. If you are a friend of Emmanuel, share with us what life and ministry look like in your community.

Come, reimagine with us.

Michelle Voss Roberts
Principal, Emmanuel College