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Call For Papers v2

Call For Papers

The Inaugural Christian Left Conference - What is the Christian Left?

Trinity St. Paul United Church and The Centre for Religion and Its Contexts, Toronto, Ontario.
August 14–16, 2020

What is the Christian Left? This is a significant question that leads to more questions: Should there be a Christian left? Why? Has there been a resurgence of the Christian left in recent times? Do we want to explore why this—a resurgence—is or may be important? What is the relationship between the Christian left and the institutional church? What role do conversion narratives—peoples' movement along the theological spectrum—play in the Christian left’s story? What kind of qualifier is ‘left’? Is it a political description? Social? Theological? Or is there an intersectional relationship between political, social, and theological when a Christian is defined as “left?”

You are invited to submit a proposal for a conference paper on the topic of “the Christian Left,” with the expectation that the paper will contribute to the conversation “What is the Christian left?” Proposals may be related to an interdisciplinary field, including biblical interpretation, preaching and worship, congregational and community ministry, history, systematic theology, political theology, ethics, gender and sexuality, intersectional activism, cultural diversity and religious pluralism. We especially encourage papers dealing with Canadian contexts.

Accommodations will be covered for graduate students whose papers are accepted!

Submit your proposal by February 3, 2020 via our online submission form.


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