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If you are an ordained or diaconal minister of a recognized Christian denomination and would like to become a minister in The United Church of Canada, information on that admission process can be found on the United Church of Canada's Website.

It is recommended that Admittands to the United Church of Canada enroll in the Certificate in Theological Studies which can be tailored according to their educational requirements.

The Billes Grant may be available for Admittands enrolled in the Certificate in Theological Studies

UCC Required Courses

Below is the list of Emmanuel College courses that will fulfill the United Church of Canada's educational competencies. They may not be offered every academic year. Please refer to Emmanuel College's current course offerings

UCC Required Course Emmanuel Equivalent
Christian Education


Education and Faith Formation

UCC History

EMH 3570HS

UCC History

UCC Polity


Ministry of Governance and Administration

UCC Theology


Confessing our Faith

Worship & Sacraments


Worship I